Insurance Requirements 

Insurance cards are no longer accepted to show proof of insurance. Insurance companies are required to electronically transmit proof of insurance directly to the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) database.

Acceptable Proof of Insurance

When the Georgia registration system does not indicate valid proof of insurance, the following are acceptable:
  • A Georgia Fleet insurance card for commercial vehicles
  • An original 30-day Insurance Binder with an effective date less than 30 days (for new purchases or new residents only)
  • The original Declarations Page (for new purchases or new residents only)
  • A self-insured insurance card
Insurance cards are valid proof of insurance for the following:
  • Exchanging information if you are involved in an accident
  • Traveling in another state 
  • Vehicles covered on a fleet policy
  • Vehicles covered on a self-insured policy

Check Insurance Status

For vehicles already insured in Georgia the status can be checked by clicking here.

Lapse of Insurance, Suspensions & Waivers

A lapse of insurance occurs when a vehicle does not have valid Georgia liability insurance coverage for a period of 10 or more consecutive days. Insurance companies report the lapse to DOR and a notice of pending registration suspension is mailed to the registered owner. A lapse results in a $25 pending-suspension fee which must be paid within 30 days of the mailing date.
If the $25 pending-suspension fee is not paid and proof of insurance is not electronically submitted by the due date, the registration is suspended. To reinstate the registration the following must be paid: $25 pending-suspension fee, a $60 reinstatement fee, ad valorem taxes, penalties and any other fees. Other lapses in coverage and/or suspensions will result in additional fines and penalties.
To avoid any suspensions or fees, cancel the registration prior to canceling the insurance policy.