Homeowner's Tax Relief Grant

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Homeowner's Tax Relief Grant (HTRG): FAQ

What is HTRG?

HTRG is the Homestead Tax Relief Grant signed into law by Governor Brian Kemp that provided a onetime property tax relief on all homesteaded properties.

Do I have to apply to receive the HTRG?

No.  If you already have a homestead or applied before April 1st and qualified, you will automatically receive the credit on your tax bill.

How much is the HTRG?

HRTG provides $18,000 off of the assessed value of your home after the homestead exemption has been taken off.  Your taxes are calculated by multiplying the assessed value (minus any deductions such as homestead exemptions or the HTRG) by the current millage rates.

Why did I not receive an HTRG credit on my bill?

The property MUST have a homestead exemption already applied by April 1st, 2023 in order to qualify for HTRG.  Reasons a property would not receive HTRG include:
- Did not apply for a homestead exemption by April 1st, 2023
- The property does not contain structures
- The property is not the owner's primary residence
- The property is a mobile home that is not permanently located
- Business taxes (Personal Property)

Why did I not receive the HTRG on all my properties?

The HTRG applies ONLY to your primary residence, and it MUST have a pre-existing homestead exemption.

My mortgage went up last year, will this cause it to go back down?

HTRG may affect your mortgage, but you should contact your mortgage company and make sure they understand that the HTRG is for 2023 only.